Harmony, Heritage. Celebrate the values that matter most.

Bryson understands that our greatest possessions often transcend price.  This is why all of our fine and decorative art valuation services are designed to preserve family heritage and harmony by providing specialized expertise and patent-pending methodologies.  

We help you avoid confusion and guesswork when dealing with valuable tangible personal property. Our clients use our valuation services and technologies during trust and estate administration, insurance policy acquisition, insurance claims, and other financial transactions involving tangible personal property.  

Our patent-pending process, coupled with a team of specialized appraisers and our award-winning technology for managing estates and collectibles, provides personalized service in any location, in real time.

Bryson provides expert appraisals in tandem with estate and collections management services that empower clients to be organized, informed, and prepared.

Confidently navigate personal property with a plan.

For one hour, an experienced personal property appraiser will visit your home, discuss your goals, and inspect your belongings.  You will receive a concise plan that defines:

  • Which belongings are certainly or potentially valuable
  • Which belongings have nominal value
  • Actionable next steps to reach your objectives

Surveys are used for:

  • Determining the need for an appraisal report
  • Downsizing
  • Settling an estate
  • Planning a trust
  • Tax planning for non-cash charitable contributions
  • Organization
  • Collection management

Receiving a professionally photographed and catalogued inventory of your assets allows you to easily reference exactly what you have and easily share objects with interested parties, beneficiaries, or resale venues.

You will receive:

  • Professional, detailed photography of your chosen items
  • Museum standard Object ID cataloguing includes measurements, unique features, and condition report
  • Access to your catalog via our searchable and shareable interactive online tool
  • Print catalogs priced on request

Appraisal Report Documents Written to Satisfy Tax & Insurance Objectives

Receive a simple and quick appraisal report for estate planning and settlement.

Whether you need appraisals for a large amount of items due to a contentious situation, or simply need a few valuable items appraised to fulfill your fiduciary duties, we will provide you with a professionally photographed, catalogued, and valued report to clear up disagreements and protect you in the event of an audit.

We carefully document and photograph your objects before performing in depth research to support an accurate retail replacement value.  

These crucial steps are taken so you can avoid bad surprises in the event of a claim, and your policy can do exactly what it was supposed to do: Give you the means to replace your treasured belongings.


If you are making a non-cash charitable contribution of greater than $5,000 and wish to deduct it from your taxes, you typically need an appraisal report. (If you are unsure if the value of your object exeeds this number, you may want to first try a Sale Estimate.)

We will provide you with professionally catalogued and exceptionally researched appraisal documentation that not only ensures a fair deduction, but mitigates your liability in case your donation is scrutinized or audited by the IRS.

Are you trying to decide what you want to do with an item, but don't know enough about what it is or what it's worth?

Our Sale Estimate service solves this by providing an online platform where you can submit information and pictures in order to receive the following from a qualified expert:

  • Object identification
  • Auction estimate
  • Most appropriate marketplace to sell the item

Plan your legacy by identifying, valuing, protecting, and sharing your best loved assets.

This service includes:

  • Survey
  • Your catalog in a searchable, private online database
  • Insurance Appraisal Report - So you can protect the belongings you cherish
  • Financial Planning Appraisal Report - That may be used to do a memorandum


When you want to sell on the secondary market, having something valuable is only part of the picture.

With so many auction houses and dealers spanning various areas of specialty and offering different commission and consignment fees, it can be difficult to know if you are really getting the best deal.

Our flat fee brokerage service will leverage our industry expertise to completely handle this process for you. This is done by:

  • Selecting the auction houses and dealers best suited to sell your item
  • Sending your item pictures and information to each venue
  • Collecting responses and negotiating fees
  • Providing you with a final report of each offer so you can make an intelligent and informed decision